Benefits of Seeking Advice

What are benefits of seeking debt advice?

Being in debt can and does impact on the mental and emotional health of individuals, as well as their families.

Access to good debt advice and support can transform a spiralling problem into something that can be manageable and in time resolved. Far more importantly, access to debt advice and support can immediately impact on the stress and anxiety levels, enabling you to think more clearly and provide a sense of calmness in relationship and families.

However, the onus is upon you to seek the emotional and mental health support as most debt agencies are solely focused on recovery the debt. is an excellent resource to access support, advice and guidance to manage debt stress and debt anxiety.

Other sources include your GP, the Samaritans in addition to family and friends.

Consequences of seeking such advice will help individuals feel emotionally stronger, enabling a sense of "normality", calm and prevents one perceiving that they are becoming a nervous wreck.

Improvement in confidence

Seeking and receiving advice, particularly from professional sources such as, CAB or lawyers is likely to make individuals more knowledgeable and confident about how to tackle their debts.

Knowing how to write letters, or contact creditors budgeting for income and expenditure, creating repayment plans all greatly contribute to feeling of confidence, sense of "control" and enable individual to feel more confident and better equipped to communicate, negotiate and plan with their creditors alone.

Knowing what your creditors can do and not do, can greatly help you when you are harassed by creditors. This is especially useful when individuals are being "chased" and in some cases bullied by recovery agents.

Nine excellent reasons to seek debt advice and support:

  • Improvement in emotional outlook
  • Improvement in levels of anxiety and stress
  • Improved financial situation
  • Improvement in health
  • Increase in levels of knowledge and confidence
  • Knowing how to tackle debt problems
  • Being better equipped to negotiate with creditors alone if needed
  • Stopping further deterioration of problems
  • Being able to help others in similar situation