Coping With Debt Stress

Worrying about Money? We can help!

We understand at that being in debt gives rise to anxieties, fears and worries. Under such stresses our minds are worrying about the future and clouding our thinking, decisions and behaviour.

If you are worrying about money it has a knock-on effect on your whole life and those around you. It is important to make decisions with a clear mind as opposed to a mind that is overwhelmed with anxieties, fears or worries.

People avoid dealing with money issues because they don't know what to do or how to deal with their situation. is providing two ways to cope with your money problems.

  • The first is to be in the right frame of mind
  • The second is to provide a practical solution

Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation that has been proven its effectiveness in reducing our negative and destructive thought patterns. Mindfulness is now being employed by growing number of health professionals as an effective solution to stress, anxieties, panic attacks and even depression instead to drugs.

Mindfulness is learning to "train" our attention using our breath as an anchor. This short audio (10 mins) provides clear step by step instruction to help reduce your stress and anxiety levels in a simple and safe way.

We recommend that you practice mindfulness to help reduce any anxieties, worries or fears before you seek practical solutions to address your debt concerns.

Money is replaceable, Health is not. Healthy mind healthy decisions.