Parents told to avoid reliance on state to stop debt problems

Mon, 15 Aug 2011

Parents who are worried about should ensure that they do not become reliant on the government to fund their living expenses.

This is the advice of, which said that it is "unwise" for "financially strapped parents" to "rely on the state to bolster their financial situation at present".

Managing director Mark Bower noted that the Treasury's coffers are under pressure at the moment and people should not take any benefits they currently receive for granted.

"However it is also important that they are aware of what help is already available, and we would urge them to on what help is out there now using the DirectGov website and, if necessary, by talking to organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau for further assistance," he said.

"This should help ensure their income is maximised."

Mr Bower added that by undertaking an expenditure review, some may find practical ways of relieving the pressure on their finances or reducing their .
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