Investors still worried about Eurozone debt problem

Mon, 16 Apr 2012

There continues to be plenty of concern among investors regarding the ongoing Eurozone crisis.

Indeed, John Greenwood, chief economist at Invesco Perpetual - an independent investment management company that is regulated by the Financial Services Authority - has noted the episode remains the single most worrying issue for the global economy.

Mr Greenwood pointed out investors have been displaying a degree of acute sensitivity when it comes to government and explained the US can be a driving force behind a worldwide recovery.

He explained the country is in a prime position on account of the US dollar emerging as the planet's main international reserve currency.

"This mixture of good and bad will likely remain an on-going feature of the global economy as numerous countries continue to repair the balance sheets of banks," the industry figure observed.

Successful emergence from national in the UK, meanwhile, could be hampered by a lack of government-supported spending programmes, as expenditure in the country - and continental Europe - is close to 50 per cent of total gross domestic product.
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