Brits looking for bargains to prevent debt issues

Wed, 22 Feb 2012

People in Britain appear to be increasingly searching for bargains in an effort to stave off - and most consumers love nothing more than finding cost-saving deals.

New research from neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis has revealed individuals in the UK get more excitement from locating decent prices while shopping than they do through love at first sight.

According to the study, bagging a bargain sets the heart racing more than a number of other stimulants, such as attractive members of the opposite sex, fashion accessories, designer clothes and expensive jewellery .

And it seems the uncertain economic climate may be playing an important role in this trend, with many people worried that failing to reduce their expenditure could result in troubles in later life.

Dr Lewis stated: "When we have to watch the pennies we are obviously more concerned about what we have to pay and trying to get the best price we can."

The findings are backed by other research from T-Mobile, which showed around three-quarters of British consumers look for a bargain at least once every seven days.
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