Women may be set for increased debt problems

Mon, 06 Feb 2012

An increasing number of females in the UK could be about to experience troubles, it has been suggested.

Georgina Earle, director of Women in Debt - which seeks to provide honest and real monetary information for this demographic - said she is very concerned about the amount of ladies , both now and in the future.

The industry figure noted the majority of the UK has been living a lifestyle they can ill afford, with females in particular having more expensive finance in the form of store cards and catalogues.

Ms Earle explained women have been able to get hold of more credit as a result of securing better jobs and demanding higher salaries, while equity was readily available in the home.

However, she pointed out: "The past few years have seen a huge change and I believe that women will fare the worst."

While females have been fighting for equality in the workplace and at home over the last decade or so, this has also brought with it added financial pressures.
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