Relationship breakdowns can be caused by debt

Thu, 05 Jan 2012

can play a significant part in the breakdown of a relationship, it has been suggested.

Kelly Rose Bradford, parenting and relationship journalist, noted financial hardship can play a role in a deteriorating partnership for some couples, acting as a catalyst for other issues to come to the fore.

The specialist stated: "Resentment bubbles away under the surface when things are not discussed, or ignored in the hope they will go away."

People experiencing troubles may therefore be well advised to seek help in order to get their monetary matters back on track and allow them to improve other aspects of their lives - such as relationships.

Ms Rose Bradford explained that for most couples, however, financial hardship should not be an overriding factor for separation, rather it will serve to test the strength of a bond between two people.

Her comments come after recent research by Skipton Building Society revealed 13 per cent of survey respondents have chosen a commitment to paying down and as their New Year resolution for 2012.
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