Regular credit card payments can reduce debt worries

Mon, 18 Jun 2012

People can reduce their worries by regularly paying off the money they owe on their , it has been suggested.

David Baum, chief executive at Deanem Collections, which was created in April 2007 with the aim of helping clients achieve more effective credit control, noted keeping on top of the money they spend on their plastic is one of the best ways borrowers can keep their finances in order.

Despite Mr Baum explaining avoiding taking out a credit card is the easiest way to avoid debt, he observed individuals can prevent their arrears building up by repaying the cash on a monthly basis.

He stated: "If you have got the money, pay off your so you're not at any given time running in to debt."

Those looking to keep tabs on how their levels might impact their credit rating might request a copy of their credit file from solutions companies such as Equifax or Experian .

Mr Baum noted doing this can enable people to regularly check their credit rating and ensure their debt is managed effectively and responsibly.
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