UK government favours telephone debt advice

Mon, 19 Mar 2012

The UK government is placing a greater emphasis on telephone-based rather than guidance given face-to-face.

This is the suggestion of Stuart Carmichael, director of the Support Trust - a registered charity - who noted the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition is reducing the cash it gives to the Financial Inclusion Fund, but upping the level going towards the Money Advice Service.

Mr Carmichael pointed out this switch is likely to lead to arrears guidance being increasingly given over the phone, especially following a Department for Business Innovation and Skills review in 2010 that found the cost of face-to-face advice amounts to £911, while it is closer to the £50 per person mark when ringing somebody up.†

He stated: "So that's why the government is now looking towards providing both services, but gearing people more towards the Money Advice Service."

And the availability of assistance provided by this organisation is likely to become more widely known throughout the UK in the near future, as it is spending £20 million on advertising in a bid to let people know it is prepared to lend a helping hand.
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