Homelessness Grows at Christmas Time

Fri, 09 Nov 2012

Shelter, the homelessness charity, is warning that there are going to be more than 57,000 homeless children on Christmas Day in London.

So when we are tucking into our Christmas dinner, there will be enough homeless children in London to fill 254 primary schools.

When we are sharing Christmas presents, spare a thought for the growing problem of homelessness, especially in the capital.

There is specific concern about the increase in homeless families forced to live in B&Bs in London; this figure rose from 534 in 2011 to 1,016 in 2012.

This means that parents and children are living in one room, with restricted access to cooking and laundry facilities. Such families usually live in awful conditions.

Shelter suggests that there will be around 1,500 children in London who will be spending Christmas Day this way.

This Christmas Shelter expects that over 1,000 people will be contacting them for help.
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